Privacy Info + Terms and Conditions

The oREC app records audio directly to your device. It sends that to oREC servers over an encrypted HTTPS connection for storage.

The metadata about your stacks are also saved, such as stack names, track colors, etc.

This is done anonymously until you Sign in with Apple. If you sign in, oREC associates your Apple ID with your creations, lets you set a user name, and give control away to another user by passing the mic to them.

oREC does not gather or store private or personally identifiable information about its users. This is a reflection of our values.

By using oREC you agree to these terms. If you don't agree to these terms, you are not granted license to use oREC. These terms may change with the release of a new version of oREC.

oREC users retain the rights to their content, but they grant full rights to Leafboats Ltd. Co. including the right to publish, reproduce, and modify their content, and offer it for download to the public, for free or for a fee. Any content marked "Publish" by all the collaborators on that content will be made available on the oREC website. If you ever want anything we've published deleted, contact us at the email address below. It's a manual process.

oREC users understand that the oREC app might delete everything they ever made with it. We won't do it on purpose, but it could technically happen. The software is offered with no warranty at all.

oREC users agree to resolve disputes with Leafboats Ltd. Co. in good faith, through arbitration if simple communication is insufficient to do so. Leafboats Ltd. Co. can be reached at support@orec.site.com but without the .com part.

oREC users agree they will not use oREC to circumvent or break any laws, will not upload any content they don't have the right to, and will not choose to publish any personally identifiable information.

oREC users agree they will not use oREC to spread misinformation & hate speech, and may be permanently banned from oREC at any time for any reason.