Support - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are wired headphones necessary?

If you play audio over the device's speaker while recording with the microphone, the mic picks up its own speaker. Try oREC without headphones to see. It can be a fun effect to play with, but is obviously inappropriate for most recording.

Wireless headphones introduce a lag in the synchronization. Only wired headphones really suffice. This is true of any recording software.

Why do you call my song a stack?

So creative people don't feel limited in oREC's use. You can make songs with it. You could make spoken word with it. You could make a radio play or podcast with it. It's just a stack of audio tracks as far as oREC's concerned.

How do I delete a stack?

You delete every track and then delete the name of the stack.

How do I delete a track?

Swipe on it, you'll see the delete thing.

How do I publish my stack?

When every collaborator has turned "Publish" on, your stack will get its own unique URL on this site, and it will also be randomly served to visitors of this site's homepage.

What does publishing do?

Your stack goes live - all the changes you make eventually overwrite whatever is at your published URL.

Your live published stack's content also gets thrown into the random mix of stacks served on the homepage.

After turning publishing off, changes you make no longer overwrite the content at your published URL. That content, once publishing is off again, is static for all time, still available and still occasionally served to random homepage viewers.

How do I unpublish my published stack?

You cannot.

When you turn "Publish" off for your stack, if it was published, that URL remains published and the stack continues to be served. If publishing is turned on again, a new URL is generated.

If you need a published stack removed, contact us.

How do I pass the mic to a person?

Ask that person for their user name. Tap the circle-i on the stack. Put that person's user name into the top text area. Then press Pass. If the person is a previous collaborator on the stack, you can just tap their user name to fill in the text area.

How do I get the mic back?

The person with the mic has all the power. They pass it to whomever they want. You continue to get the updated stack in a readonly mode, but you cannot make the mic to move unless you have the mic.

Can I recover my data if it's lost?


If your recordings are lost for any reason (the app crashed, you deleted it by accident, our servers crashed...) they're very likely gone forever. Please remember that this app is offered without warranty. We will do what we can for you, and will appreciate a good bug report.

How do I contact you about support?

You can email support@orec.site.com but without the .com. I typed it that way because a human will probably be able to get it, but a spam bot maybe not.

How do the copyrights work?

The creators of the content on this platform maintain their copyrights in accordance with US copyright law. However, users of oREC agree to grant full unqualified rights to that content to Leafboats Ltd. Co., especially for publishing on this site. So creators keep their copyrights but also grant Leafboats Ltd. Co. full perpetual license to reproduce, modify, publish, and profit from that content.

What content can I not upload?

You must not upload any content you do not have the rights to, and you must not upload any content containing any information that could be used to personally identify anyone (e.g. addresses, telephone numbers, the full legal names of people whose voice is heard in the recording, etc.). Even a single violation of our rules, terms, and conditions may result in a merciless, permanent ban.